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This page is designed for beginners who are having difficulty using KIPRIS. We provide ‘Search Wizard’ and ‘My Own Patent Search’ service to help you find your desired information with a step-by-step procedure. Detailed video will walk you through 'patent information service'. Every search and major functions/options will be explained in video. You can check various information by using special services KIPRIS provides you with. Translation service, terminology dictionary, patent analysis tools etc. We will provide you with high quality patent information search service. Optimal Guide to your Patent Information Search. For questions? Go to FAQ or Contact Us.



Application by year (1948-2014)
Applications by origin (2003-2014)
Applications by country of origin (2014)
PCT (1984-2014)
International trademark applications under Madrid Protocol (2003-2014)
Patents and utility models applications by technology (2014)



Examination disposals by year (1961-2014)
Details of examination results for patents and utility models (1999-2014)
Details of examination results for trademarks and industrial designs (1999-2014)



Registration by year (1948-2014)
Comparison of domestic and foreign registration (2003-2014)
Registration by country of origin (2014)
Patents and utility models registrations by technology (2014)
Registrations for integrated circuit layout right (2005-2014)


Trials and Appeals

Requests and disposals by year (1998-2014)
Requests for trial by residents and nonresidents (1999-2014)
Requests for and decisions of trial (2014)
Cases taken to the Patent Court (2008-2014)
Requests for trial by origin (2014)